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Live-action Sonic The Hedgehog continues to look bad

For some reason, a Hollywood executive somewhere thought it would be a good idea to turn Sonic the Hedgehog into a movie. We saw some leaked CGI renditions of live-action Sonic late last year, which immediately caused a wave of concern. Now, the full trailer is out, but it has only made things look worse.

In the live-action version of Sonic, we will be following our (not so) favourite blue hedgehog on the run from Dr. Robotnik, who wants to capture Sonic and use his power for world domination. On this journey, Sonic will be accompanied by Tom Wachowski, a random police officer who ends up befriending Sonic along the way.

The film's version of Sonic has already been polarising thanks to the studio's efforts to make him appear more human. This is only made worse by the fact that Sonic has a full human set of teeth, which is now turning into a running meme across the internet. Perhaps someone on the production squad should have asked for fan feedback, because some fans are already turning in decent looking redesigns:

At least the trailer gets some elements right. Sonic's spin-dash move looks fairly good on screen and towards the very end, we get a quick shot of Robotnik looking closer to the version of the character we are used to. He's not a literal Egg Man, but he is bald and they kept the wild moustache.

KitGuru Says: Live-action Sonic never sounded like a great idea to begin with. Then again, this isn't necessarily aimed at fans who grew up with Sonic, but is instead aimed at children to bring a new audience to the series. What do you guys think of the new Sonic trailer? 

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