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Star Trek owners settle with Axanar fan-film makers

It was merely a month ago that we first heard how Paramount Pictures, owner of the Star Trek trademark and franchise, was looking to halt production on fan-film Star Trek: Axanar, claiming ownership of the Klingon language in the process. Now though we've learned that it's halting that legal action, having …

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Paramount claims to own the Klingon language

Can you own a language? That might seem like a bizarre question to ask but it's one that lawyers will have to figure out the answer to, as it's become rather important in the case of Paramount Pictures vs a crowd-funded team, who want to make a Star Trek spin-off. They …

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Twitter suspends Top Gun tweeting account

Over the past couple of months, Twitter account @55Uhz, has been tweeting out the movie Top Gun, frame by frame. Considering it had over 110 minutes to get through and each second of every minute featured 25 frames, it had a lot of ground to cover, even if it was …

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