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Mass Effect Andromeda’s latest patch improves character creation

While there is talk of Bioware placing the Mass Effect series on ice for a few years, Andromeda is still receiving patches to improve overall quality. This week, Mass Effect Andromeda patch 1.08 released, which focusses on improving the game’s character creation and making some additions/changes to certain dialogue options.

The patch is rolling out across consoles and PC now. It makes it possible to change Ryder’s appearance onboard the Tempest and expands the range of options available in the character creator. The other major change is that Scott Ryder can romance Jaal.

Here is the full list of single player changes:

  • Ryder’s appearance can now be changed onboard the Tempest
  • Expanded the range of options available in the character creator
  • Jaal can now be romanced by Scott Ryder
  • Dialogue for Hainly Abrams was adjusted to change the flow of personal information she discusses with Ryder.
  • Fixed issue with Nomad upgrades Shield Crafting quest
  • Nexus level and cryo pod points are retroactively granted
  • Vendors now carry weapon mods for Level 60-71 players
  • Vendors now sell weapon augmentations for automatic fire, burst fire, and single-shot fire
  • Improved clarity of descriptions for augmentations
  • Plasma Charge system now works properly for shotguns
  • Beam Emitter augmentation now causes guns to fire a constant beam with scaling
  • damage based on the weapon’s damage per second
  • [PC] Added experimental support for Dolby Vision™ technology.

Beyond that, some changes were made to multiplayer, with the Stealth Grid challenge now working properly. Fiends now attack in the right direction and no longer sprint when close to a target. An issue with melee attacks has been fixed and players should no longer enter the T-pose when hit.

KitGuru Says: Mass Effect Andromeda didn’t get the glowing reaction Bioware had hoped for but at least improvements are still coming. Perhaps once the final animation fixes are in, the game will get a bit of a boost.  

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  • Member Berries

    I was checking the new character changes, and I am not any more satsified than I was before. Why must my character have freckles with red eyebrows if I want her to look like someone who hasn’t seen the sun in hundreds of years? If I want her to have the pretty moles without being covered in freckles while looking pale then it would be nice to have that option. My prettiest created character has a very dark complexion, and she is quite beautiful. It would be nice to have a character whom is just as beautiful while having pale skin. I like playing as different characters. For my next character I want to recreate Sun from Sense8.

    I appreciate the changes to Jaal. It did not make sense for them to have an achievement tied to romance without allowing everyone access to the same number of options. It makes more sense to have increased options when they assign a particular sexuality to each character, so hopefully that is considered next time. I liked the system they had before with the same characters being available for both genders, but I can understand this was not an option liked by all people. I am now quite happy with the set relationship possibilities, but would appreciate having the same number and variety of options for everyone.

    I did not truly understand the issues with Hainly Abrahms until I watched some of the scenes in the show Sense8. It really gave me a perspective that I would not have had without seeing the powerful scenes surrounding the character Nomi. The actress portrays the character so well and the writing and manner in which it is filmed has enabled me to relate more. If someone is bothered by the changes to the npc then I highly recommend watching Sense8.