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Metro Exodus launches on Steam, official Linux version in the works

After a year-long Epic Games Store exclusivity period, Metro Exodus has officially landed on Steam. The game was originally set to launch on the platform but was pulled pulled from Valve’s store just two weeks before its release date. The last minute change caught everyone off guard at the time but now, the game is available alongside its first DLCs. Beyond that, 4A Games is also working on an official Linux version. 

Metro Exodus unlocked on Steam in the early hours of this morning, meaning people are finally able to purchase the game through the platform once again. At some point, you will also be able to play the game through Steam on Linux, as the developers have confirmed that they are working on a Linux version.

The news comes via a Steam thread with customers asking for a Linux version, to which the official Deep Silver account replied, saying that they are working on it and to expect more news soon.

This news isn't too surprising though, as some work will have already gone into getting the game running on a Linux system. Metro Exodus is available via the Google Stadia cloud gaming platform, which uses Linux on its data centres. With that in mind, a version for local use has likely been in the works for a while now.

KitGuru Says: Support for PC gaming on Linux began to slow down a bit over the last couple of years but it is nice to see things picking back up again. Valve is doing great work with its Proton tool and with Stadia garnering support, more developers will be working on getting games running on Linux anyway, which could lead to more good news for Linux gamers over the next few years. 

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