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Modder shows off Android running on Switch with Nvidia Shield features

Ever since the Nintendo Switch first launched, the modding scene for the console has been alive and well. Folks have already figured out how to run homebrew software and other projects are making good progress. One Switch modder has recently managed to get a version of Google Android running on the console, complete with access to NVIDIA Shield features.

The fact that Nvidia Shield features can run on the Switch shouldn’t be too surprising, after all, the console does use a Nvidia Tegra X1 SoC. By bringing Android over to the Switch and making these Shield features accessible, exclusive Shield games like Portal for Android can run on the Switch and you can use NVIDIA GeForce Now streaming to access your steam library on the console.

As liliputing points out, right now, this project is being worked on by a developer going by the name ‘ByLaws’ on Github. He has not released the software yet so this isn’t something any Switch owner can easily achieve. For now though, good progress is being made, with the latest version supporting audio, WiFi and GPU acceleration for apps and games.

Of course, if you would rather just keep your Nintendo Switch intact, then you could pick up an NVIDIA Shield instead to play around with these features, but that takes some of the fun out of it.

KitGuru Says: The Switch modding scene has been interesting to follow since the very beginning. Although I’m sure Nintendo will be looking to make projects like this more difficult in the future when the revised Switch models come to market, although that is still just a rumour for now.

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