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Monster Hunter World has now sold over 15 million copies worldwide

The Monster Hunter series has always been very popular in Japan but it had niche appeal over in the west. That changed with Monster Hunter World, which quickly went on to become Capcom's best selling game ever. Now, thanks to the launch of the Iceborne expansion, Monster Hunter World is setting records once again for the publisher. 

As of January 2020, Monster Hunter World has sold 15 million copies, meanwhile, the new Iceborne expansion has sold four million since. The expansion arrived on consoles in September 2019 but just recently made its way over to PC, which has proven to be a very popular platform for Monster Hunter World, with the game appearing in Steam's annual best sellers lists for two years straight.

With Monster Hunter World and its expansion being such a success, the franchise as a whole has managed to set a new record too. Across the many games in the series, 61 million Monster Hunter games have been sold worldwide.

Of course, right now there are some problems with Iceborne on PC, which could slow down early sales of the expansion on Steam. Still, there is plenty of time to recover, as frequent events, crossovers and new hunts will keep players interested for a long time to come.

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KitGuru Says: I've been getting back into Monster Hunter recently in preparation for the Iceborne expansion. I still have some ranking up to do before I can dive into the new content, but it is great to see the series doing so well. Did many of you play Monster Hunter World when it came out? Have you returned for the expansion recently? 

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