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Qualcomm and Amazon to be Intel’s first foundry customers

A while back, Intel announced plans to get into the foundry business, creating chips for other companies to rival the foundry businesses of TSMC and Samsung, amongst others. Now, we know who the first two Intel Foundry customers will be – Qualcomm and Amazon. 

Last night, following Intel's new process node roadmap unveiling, the company announced that it will be creating chips for Qualcomm and Amazon at Intel Foundry Services. Better yet, all of the new technologies developed for Intel processors will be available to Intel Foundry Services (IFS) customers at launch, or soon after.

Qualcomm will begin having chips manufactured by Intel starting with the upcoming Intel 20A node, which is due to arrive in 2024. The new node will see the launch of Intel's upcoming RibbonFET technology, the company's first new transistor architecture since 2011.

Amazon AWS will also be utilising Intel Foundry Services, using Intel's packaging solutions, rather than manufacturing processors outright. This is just the beginning for Intel Foundry too, as the company is in talks with over 100 companies for future business.

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KitGuru Says: Intel seems to be off to a good start with its foundry business and there is a promising roadmap detailing upcoming process technologies up to 2025. 

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