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Quantic Dream’s High Republic-era Star Wars game is ‘close’ to being revealed

Earlier this year, Quantic Dream revealed that it is now working on a Star Wars game as its next major project. Over the following months, more sources have revealed new information about this game, with the latest reports claiming that it is called “Star Wars: Eclipse” and will be set during the ‘High Republic' era. 

Speaking on the latest episode of GrubbSnax for Giant Bomb, Jeff Grubb shared that Quantic Dream's Star Wars game will be “ready to be announced soon”, adding that we may see it unveiled before the end of this year. With The Game Awards coming up in December, it is possible that Quantic Dream makes an appearance.

The game itself is said to be called Star Wars: Eclipse and should be set during the High Republic era. This era of Star Wars is set a few hundred years before the films, rather than being set thousands of years prior, as we saw with the Old Republic.

Disney has been making a push to expand on the High Republic era of Star Wars in recent years with cross-media projects like books and comics. Now it would seem that games are joining that list and who knows, perhaps the next major Star Wars film, or an upcoming TV series, will expand on this part of the timeline even further.

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KitGuru Says: It has been years since Quantic Dream's last game, so it makes sense that this new project might be closer to announcement than first expected. We'll have to keep an eye on The Game Awards next month to see if it does get revealed. If not, then we'll likely be waiting for Star Wars Day in May, or E3 in June. 

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