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Rockstar downgrades GTA San Andreas on PC

To mark the ten year anniversary of Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on the PC, the developer has decided to downgrade the Steam version of the game. Users that update will find support for higher resolutions gone (such as 1080p), 17 songs have been removed, old save files are now unusable and users are reporting new glitches and bugs.

Not all players are experiencing save file problems but many players are finding their old saves to be incompatible with the game, forcing them to start a new one. The missing songs are the same ones that were found missing from the mobile port and subsequently, the updated Xbox 360 version of the game- we assume that the songs were removed due to licensing issues.


There are a few more problems though, a few resolutions are no longer available, such as the widely used 1920×1080. However, as you would expect from the modding community, an unofficial patch has already been released which will restore save file compatibility.

Additionally, aspect ratios are fixed, new resolutions are added and some other improvements and fixes are made. You can download the SilentPatch, HERE.

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KitGuru Says: While it's a shame to see Rockstar's latest San Andreas update remove features and cause unnecessary issues, at least the modding community is quick to restore functionality and fix things up.


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  1. wow, thats really a crappy move by Rockstar :O Downgrading games????!?! where will it end :O

  2. Thank god for Mods

  3. Why do this? I don’t understand rockstar

  4. So Rockstar thinks they can do whatever they want…. You’ll see!!!! Oh, a new GTA 5?? TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!

  5. So someone at Rockstar has gone out of their way to actually remove features for a game that has no business being tinkered with. Congrats to the still active modding community. Rockstar, dick move.

  6. Best install the disc version I still have then.! stupid rockstar!

  7. Because giving us a shit game to start with wasn’t enough, developers are now ruining games that were good to be on the same level as modern shit! yaaay!!

  8. To get it in line with the console editions.

  9. Gay Rockstar.

  10. did I wake up in the wrong side of the universe or something?

  11. My face says it all.

  12. They expect me to buy the “Remastered” version? Taking things away isn’t how you get customers Rockstar.

  13. I don’t care. I have the complete GTA pack from Steam but I will not play those games anymore, too old (cherish the good memories).

  14. Why the hell would I wanna purchase this if I already have it in the chest beside me, that don’t require you login to play the game, plus I have all 17 songs plus the nude scene.


  15. There is no law that forces or even
    allows any company to retroactively steal music from customers who
    legally purchased it while the copyright license was still active.
    Putting up a new copy of the game online so that new customers don’t get the
    expired songs music is how this should have been handled, but they had
    no right to remove the songs from copies that were legally purchased by
    the end user while the license was still active. I can’t believe they would be this stupid and lazy.
    It’s no different than if they illegally hacked your X-box to remove access
    to the songs from the hard copy of the game or if a music company hacked your computer to erase MP3s you purchased and downloaded because the publisher lost the license for some of the songs.
    This was illegal for Rockstar to do, there is no licensing law that forced or
    even permitted them to do this. This move was entirely on them and I
    expect they will have a class action lawsuit on them for it in the near
    Regardless of what they would like to believe, no ELUA makes it legal for them to do this. The enforcability of many ELUA elements is already questionable, but this is actual theft and the ELUA agreement will not protect them in this case.