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Sony adds downloads and offline play options to PSNow

PlayStation Now has been around for years now but the cloud gaming trend has still yet to catch on. Instead, PSNow has been usurped by services like EA Access and Xbox Game Pass, which allow users to download games from a library to run them natively. Sony seems to have taken note of this and has begun rolling out a ‘download' option for PSNow subscribers.

Sony began testing out the download option back in June. Now that it has officially rolled out to all PSNow subscribers, the download option will appear on “almost all” PS4 games on the service, in addition to some of the older PS2 games in the library. Unfortunately, PS3 games will continue to be streaming only, which is likely due to how hard it would be to emulate the PS3's cell architecture.

Games downloaded through PSNow will run natively on a PS4. In addition, if a PSNow game contains multiplayer, then you can access it without paying for a PlayStation Plus subscription. Downloaded games will support DLC and expansions too. Games downloaded via PSNow will be playable offline but in order to ensure that no funny business is going on, an online check-in will be required every few days.

For those wondering, the number of PS4 games available on PSNow is actually pretty solid. This includes the likes of Bloodborne, Darksiders, Disgaea 5, God of War 3 Remastered, Heavy Rain, XCOM 2 and more.

KitGuru Says: I don't have a fast enough internet connection for game streaming. However, I have heavily appreciated being able to download games through EA Access and Xbox Game Pass. Sony might need to work on beefing up its PSNow library a bit, but the option to download and play offline is certainly welcome.

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