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PlayStation Now is getting 105 new games to stream

Last year, Sony announced that it was trying to bring backwards compatibility to the PlayStation 4 in a different way, using a cloud gaming service known as PlayStation Now. This service allows PS4 owners to rent and stream older titles to their consoles and now, an influx of 105 games …

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PlayStation Now closed beta coming to the UK

PlayStation Now will start rolling out here in the UK this Spring, Sony has announced. It will start off in closed beta form, meaning you will need an invite to actually use the service. However, after a few months, things will likely open up, allowing more people to try out …

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Samsung Smart TV’s to get PlayStation Now game streaming


In an announcement today Samsung and Sony declared a partnership that will see the PlayStation Now game streaming service being built into select Samsung Smart TV's next year. This will allow customers in the United States and Canada to stream games directly to their Samsung TV without any need for downloads. When this is launched …

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Sony reaffirms stance on EA Access

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe CEO, Jim Ryan, has reaffirmed the company's stance on EA's new subscription program, EA Access, stating that the $5 a month gaming service doesn't quite “fit into the framework of everything we do and everything that we offer.” “We don’t have anything against EA Access, we …

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Playstation Now entering open beta

Playstation Now will be entering open beta later today in the US but Sony wants to remind users that all current prices are not set in stone yet and could change upon receiving feedback. When the closed beta first launched, Sony faced a lot of criticism over its streaming service's overly …

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Sony criticized for overpriced Playstation Now beta

Sony is currently facing heavy criticism from gamers, YouTuber's and traditional media outlets over its Playstation Now beta pricing. Right now the service is offering plenty of older titles such as Saints Row the Third and Final Fantasy XIII-2 but the rental options are more expensive than buying a physical …

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Xbox 360 emulation being considered for Xbox One

Backwards compatibility was thrown out with the release of the Xbox One and Playstation 4, Sony recently announced that its solution would be to stream games via Playstation Now but Microsoft has yet to come up with a plan. However, the company is considering Xbox 360 emulation for the Xbox …

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Rental options appear on the Playstation store

Sony revealed its plans for Playstation Now at CES in January, the game streaming service will include rental streaming options but it seems Sony might be looking to experiment with rental download options too as an option for one day, seven day and 30 day rentals appeared on titles in …

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