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Sony to release PlayStation TV micro-console in the U.S., Europe

While micro video game consoles only compatible with mobile and cloud games have yet to prove their feasibility, it looks like Sony Computer Entertainment is confident about its PS Vita-based non-mobile device. At the E3 trade-show the company said that later this year it will start to sell its PlayStation TV console (originally known as the PlayStation Vita TV in Japan) in North America, Europe and the PAL region.

Sony’s PlayStation TV video game console is based on the same hardware as the PlayStation Vita mobile game console (quad-core ARM Cortex-A9, PowerVR SGX543MP graphics core, etc.) and is compatible with games originally designed for the PS Vita, the PlayStation Portable as well as the original PlayStation (select games are supported). The PS TV also supports PS4 remote play and wireless controllers (DualShock 3 and 4). Eventually, the PS TV is expected to support PS3 games thanks to the PlayStation Now cloud service. According to Sony, the PS TV offers a lineup of over 1000 titles.


Originally Sony released the PlayStation Vita TV product in Japan and other Asian regions on the 14th of November, 2013. The console has proven to be popular with consumers looking for an easy-to-use gaming system.

In North American and European countries the PlayStation TV will compete against various other micro consoles, which are mostly powered by the Google Android operating systems and support appropriate games. More capable competitor for the PlayStation TV will be Amazon’s Fire TV set-top-box, which not only supports games, but provides other services as well.


The Sony PlayStation TV will come in black plastic enclosure and will be available in North America, Europe and the PAL region this fall at a recommended retail price (RRP) of $99, €99 for a standalone system. The price in the U.K. has not been announced yet. In addition, a bundle that includes a wireless controller (DualShock 3), 8GB memorycard, and the Lego Movie video game will be available at $139 in North America.

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KitGuru Says: The Sony PlayStation TV seems to be a rather decent device that allows playing various games, including fully-fledged PS3 and PS4 titles as well as mobile titles originally designed for the PS Vita and the PSP. While it is impossible to say how popular the device will get in North America, Europe and the PAL region, it is obvious that it does have potential.

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