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Stadia APK datamine reveals upcoming features, like Stadia Base and live streaming

With Stadia expanding to more smartphones this month, an updated APK file has been made available for datamining, showing what features Google is prioritising for near-future updates. As part of Stadia app version 2.7, some small tweaks were made to the UI but if you dig a bit further, we get to references to the Stadia Base (free) launch, YouTube streaming and more. 

As reported by 9to5Google, the latest version of Stadia on Android is setting the stage for Stadia Base, with references to a new sign-up page to allow account registrations without an access code. There are also references to a Stadia Pro trial, so it seems once the free tier is introduced, you can activate the trial and get instant access to a few games, like Destiny 2.

However, opening up the flood gates for anyone to start streaming from Stadia is bound to cause some big server load spikes. In order to prepare for that, there appears to be references to a ‘player limit' within the code, likely in an effort to ensure the experience isn't affected for paying customers.

When Stadia was first announced last year, streaming gameplay directly to YouTube was a big part of the presentation. Google seems to be laying the groundwork for this feature now, in addition to a Family Sharing option that works similar to Steam, allowing you to give access to your library to a family member. However, only one person can play at a time.

Finally, gameplay captures are coming to the web version of Stadia and players should be able to download their game clips too. We don't know when any of these features are going to go live officially, but the foundation has been laid, meaning it shouldn't be too long.

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KitGuru Says: The Stadia Base tier launch is going to be a very important moment for the service. If Google can't convince users to sign up for free, then it is going to struggle retaining paying customers going forward. Will any of you be trying Stadia when the free streaming tier launches? 

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