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Take-Two’s latest investor notice hints at GTA 6 release window

Grand Theft Auto V has been out for seven years now and while Rockstar has been keeping itself busy with GTA Online updates and Red Dead Redemption 2, we've all been wondering when we can expect GTA VI. This week thanks to some boring business paperwork filed by Take-Two Interactive, we may have a good idea as to when the game will be coming. 

Take-Two Interactive filed a Form 10-K with the US Securities and Exchange Commission last week (I told you it was boring), which essentially informs the government and investors of planned spending in the years ahead. As pointed out by VentureBeat, this particular form shows that its spending for marketing in the FY2024 will be double that of what it intends to pay out in the years prior.

It is a very big jump in marketing budget, which indicates that Take-Two will have a flagship game releasing. What game could call for such a budget? Well, GTA V was one of the highest selling games in history, making GTA VI a prime candidate for extra spending.

A similar Form-10K disclosure was previously used to accurately predict when Red Dead Redemption 2 would launch. Of course, Take-Two is also a very big publisher, so perhaps it just has many more games launching in the FY2024 time period than years prior. For those who don't know, the Fiscal Year 2024 begins in April 2023 and ends in March 2024.

KitGuru Says: I would anticipate this budget jump being primarily to accommodate Grand Theft Auto 6, which should end up being just as huge a hit as GTA 5,, especially if it is coming 10 years later. 

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