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The Destiny 2 Gameplay reveal is over, here’s what we learned

Update: Bungie held its full Destiny 2 gameplay reveal this evening. For the most part, the game plays a lot like Destiny 1, with the same gunplay and classes but with some new weapons and powers thrown in. However, some key changes are being made with the addition of clans in-game and a new ‘guided games' feature.

You can see the full VOD of the event with gameplay down below:

Watch live video from Bungie on www.twitch.tv

Destiny 2 kicks off with the Cabal invading the tower, under the belief that The Traveler chose the wrong race to grant its power to. The tower is destroyed and The Vanguard are all split up. This time around, your role will involve re-gathering The Vanguard and restoring your power to take back your home.

The game once again features four planets: Earth, IO, Titan and Nessus. We didn't hear whether or not we would see a return to Destiny 1 locations, like The Reef or The Moon.

The two key new gameplay features coming to Destiny 2 are in-game clans and Guided Games. Clans were part of the original Destiny but the system existed entirely outside of the game. This time, clans will be in-game and all together, members will work towards weekly rewards for all members by taking part in challenges, PvP matches and other activities.

Guided Games ties in to Clans. It is essentially Destiny's version of ‘looking for group'. However, instead of teaming up six strangers for a raid, the game will seek out solo players and match them up with clans that are specifically looking for an extra player or two to join the team. Then, if you like playing with a particular group, you can join their clan.

The final big piece of news to come out of the Destiny 2 gameplay reveal pertains only to PC players. Destiny 2 will be available on PC via Blizzard's Battle.net app, rather than something like Steam or Origin.

Original Story: Back in March, Bungie and Activision officially unveiled Destiny 2, which is set to arrive this September on consoles as well as PC for the first time. At the time, a brief cinematic trailer was released, giving us a quick peek at the story premise but today, Bungie will finally be showing off gameplay, which you can see right here.

The Destiny 2 Gameplay Premiere takes place tonight on Twitch at 6PM in the UK, 7PM in Europe, 10AM on the US West Coast and 1PM on the US East Coast. The stream is embedded below.

During this stream, we will get our first look at the gameplay changes coming to Destiny 2. Hopefully this will include PvE gameplay as well as PvP but we don't know for sure just yet.

Check back here later tonight to catch the stream. We will update this story with all of the details once the livestream has wrapped up.

KitGuru Says: I was a huge fan of Destiny 1, so I am very much looking forward to Destiny 2 this year- especially now that it will be on PC. Are any of you looking forward to Destiny 2 at all? Will you be jumping in now that the series is heading to PC?

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