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The Halo Master Chief Collection is apparently getting close to a PC release

Over the last few years, Microsoft has been making more of an effort on the PC side. Big franchises like Forza and Gears of War have been coming to PC, alongside smaller exclusives from this console generation. However, there is still a key piece missing- Halo. Fortunately, according sources this week, the Master Chief Collection is coming and it is apparently almost ready.

There have been rumours about Halo returning to PC throughout the entire Xbox One life cycle but with Microsoft turning Xbox into a multi-platform gaming service, it seems more likely than ever. We know that Microsoft wants to launch Game Pass on PC this year, while also revamping the store experience. It seems that the Master Chief Collection will be the game that shows off these new changes.

Brad Sams of Thurrot has accurately leaked Xbox details and plans in the past. In a recent video talking about the upcoming disc-less Xbox One launch, he added that it is an “open secret” that Microsoft has been working on Master Chief Collection for PC. At this point, Sams is hearing from sources that it is “getting close to release”.

Sams speculates that this announcement will be saved for E3. However, there are plenty of opportunities for an announcement to be made before then. The Master Chief Collection is going to have an announcement during Inside Xbox next week, 343 Industries has also been teasing an MCC related announcement for SXSW later this month. After that, we've got the Game Developer Conference on the 20th of March, where a Halo panel will take place.

Finally, Microsoft is also working on the Windows 10 April update. It is very possible that this feature update will include the Xbox file system tools that have been tested in the recent Windows Insider builds. These new tools will allow PCs to read the Xbox One file system and run Xbox One game file types.

KitGuru Says: We've been asking for mainline Halo to return to PC for years but rumours have always been very thin. We know that Halo Infinite will be coming to PC, so now is as good a time as any for Microsoft to bring the older games over. Would any of you be interested in playing through Halo if/when it comes to PC? 

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