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The PC version of Arkham Knight goes back on sale this month

Warner Bros is almost set to launch the final patch-fix for the PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight this month and once it hits, the game will finally go back on sale on Steam, if anyone left actually wants to buy it following all of the initial problems. The new updates will arrive some time towards the end of October, we also have the patch notes for the final update.

Warner Bros hasn't just been working on fixes for the game though, it has also been working on DLC, because you know, priorities. All of the DLC that is already available on the console versions of the game will also launch on the PC alongside the game going back on sale. There is no word on a discount for PC gamers following the months of extra waiting.


The final patch will contain fixes for SLI and Crossfire, overall performance improvements and of course, bug fixes. AMD users running Windows 10 will also have fixes on the way for that, along with Nvidia users still on Windows 7. The exact re-launch date for the game is not currently known but keep your eyes open towards late October if you have been waiting to finally play this game.

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KitGuru Says: I have been holding off on Arkham Knight until this final patch drops but unfortunately at this point, I've lost almost all desire to actually play the game. I will be loading it up to follow up on our launch testing though, it will be interesting to see how far the port has come since June. 

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  1. I’ve kind of lost interest since I laid my hands on Mad Max but I’ll still buy it when it hits the sales.

  2. Good to see that they’re still trying to save their title instead of just leaving it unfinished. But certainly some peoples (maybe even most, not too sure) that were wanting to get their hands on this have lost the interest for it. Mad Max will keep me occupied until Fallout 4 comes.

  3. Will it come at 50% of the cost?

  4. “[Warner Bros] has also been working on DLC, because you know, priorities.”

    Love the inline jab. Seriously, this game better be discounted and include the new dlc. Although I will probably get it the $20 version on Kinguin.

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  6. Happy with Mad Max, played 60 hours, 60% completion (but I am a completionist with OCD so I have to pick up everything on the map :P). Hopefully I can finish the game before the Bat goes on sale again. (my OCD says: Nope, you will not finish the game! :P)