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The Skyrim Special Edition script extender is now in alpha

Last year, Bethesda released Skyrim: Special Edition, updating the best-selling RPG with an upgraded engine and better graphics. This was a free upgrade for PC owners of the original Skyrim (and its DLC), which was a good deal but unfortunately, it did break compatibility with the original Skyrim Script Extender, meaning many mods were incompatible with the Special Edition. Since then, a new version of SKSE has been in the works and while it did suffer a delay earlier this year, it is now officially in alpha.

With SKSE64 now being in alpha, it means mod authors can begin testing it for any issues and start working towards bringing some more mods to the Skyrim Special Edition.

For those who don't know, the Skyrim Script Extender is one of the most crucial additions to the original game. It allowed for mod authors to play around with more complex functionality and make deeper changes to the game. Since Skyrim Special Edition made the jump to a newer 64-bit engine, the original SKSE does not work with the newer version of the game, which meant the creators had to go back and start again.

SKSE64 was initially planned to come out in March but mod makers only have so much free time on their hands, so in April, the release date was postponed. With the extender now being in alpha, it is a good sign that progress is being made. If you want to take a look at the SKSE64 alpha version yourself, then you can find it at their website but do be aware that this isn't intended for wide use. This is mainly for mod authors to provide feedback on.

KitGuru Says: Some of my favourite Skyrim mods require the script extender, so I am looking forward to SKSE64 eventually coming out and seeing some of those mods make it over to the Special Edition. Do many of you still play around in Skyrim from time to time? Have you revisited it at all since the Special Edition came out?

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  1. probably still a good 2 years before they release SKSE64 that’s comparable to the original SKSE, but at least they’ve released something.

  2. Two years? How do you figure that?

  3. their development team for the project is tiny, and its unlikely to grow since they’ve been very hesitant to let others help (i’ve read it has something to do with a contract with bethesda, but i have absolutely no idea). beyond that its not really a port of the original SKSE, they’ve got to rewrite it almost from the ground up; and that means it will likely have a development timeline similar to the original.

  4. Well, the alpha just got released so I am assuming the beta is too far off.