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Valve is ‘ramping up’ Steam Deck shipments this month

The Steam Deck is finally shipping, but there is a long waiting list for pre-order customers, with some not expecting to get their units until much later this year. If you are on the waiting list for Q2 shipping, then you'll want to keep an eye out, as Valve plans to ramp up shipments considerably starting this month. 

Previously, Valve has said that it will be ramping up production in March, with plans to produce “hundreds of thousands of units” over the course of Q2. Now, as Q2 has begun, Valve has given an update on that front, stating that the first reservation emails have been sent out to customers.

As of this week, Valve is also “ramping up Steam Deck shipments and will be sending more availability emails every week. Sometimes even twice a week”.  Valve has also announced that Steam Deck pre-order customers will soon see additional information on the product page, including more specific months for when their unit should ship.

This news follows from another milestone. Valve also announced this week that the Steam Deck now has over 2,000 ‘verified' games, and more are being added to the list each day, improving the library of available games on the handheld.

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KitGuru Says: Valve is making good on its promise to increase shipments over the next few months. Have any of you reserved a Steam Deck? Are you due to get yours in Q2, Q3 or later? 

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