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Death Stranding surpasses 10 million players

Hideo Kojima and Kojima Productions took a big risk when they chose to develop Death Stranding: A delivery simulator with divisive gameplay and ‘frustrating’ mechanics. Despite this, the game managed to find its audience, and while it may have had a slow start, Death Stranding has now been announced to have been played by more than 10 million people.

Making the announcement on their blog, Kojima Productions said “As of November 8th, 2022, DEATH STRANDING has connected with over 10 million Porters worldwide across PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC. This milestone comes as the DEATH STRANDING franchise celebrates its 3rd anniversary following its launch on November 8th, 2019,” with the official Twitter adding “Thank you everyone for all of your support!”

Following its launch in late 2019, Death Stranding saw not only a mixed critical reception, but a mixed commercial one too – with the new IP under-performing in some markets while excelling in others. By March 2021 however, the game had officially sold 5 million copies, cementing itself as a success.

Since then, Death Stranding has seen multiple additional releases, including the next-gen Director’s Cut, as well as it coming to subscription services such as Xbox Game Pass for PC. Regardless of whether the additional 5 million came from copies sold or not, it is impressive to see such a unique game amass such an impressive audience.

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