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Genshin Impact hit 10 million pre-registrations

Genshin Impact quickly drew people’s attention when the game was first announced. Developed by MiHoYo, the game offers a free-to-play open world action adventure title with co-op elements and RPG mechanics. What garnered people’s interest the most however was the game’s comparisons to Nintendo’s Breath of the Wild. Whether the clear inspirations soured the taste of fans, or whether it led to further excitement, Genshin Impact appears to be off to a great start, amassing over 10 million pre-registrations.

Having finally launched yesterday after a number of closed beta tests, Genshin Impact is now available on PlayStation 4, PC, and mobile devices, with a Switch port announced for some time in the future. It appears as though the game is off to a promising start, as MiHoYo, the game’s developers, announced that “Genshin Impact has already surpassed 10 million pre-registrations across all platforms and regions!”

As it is free-to-play, Genshin Impact does include some gacha elements and microtransactions, but early impressions seem to indicate that there is plenty to do without needing to engage in these practices. Furthermore, while the game will not live or die on its player count – due to the game having no major multiplayer – Genshin Impact does offer 4-player co-op gameplay with cross-play.

As the game only launched yesterday, there are no comprehensive reviews, but impressions from the betas, and early launch impressions seem positive. With the game seeing such a high level of buzz pre-launch, it’ll be interesting to see whether Genshin Impact can keep the attention of its players in the long-term, especially as the developers appear to have big plans.

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