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Multiple PlayStation announcements expected this week

As we enter the spring season, many video game publishers are starting to offer insight into the next Quarter of gaming and beyond. The rumour mill surrounding PlayStation has been fervent in recent weeks, with multiple major announcements expected to be happening in just a few days.

For months, rumours have persisted claiming that Sony is working on Project Spartacus – a reinvention of the console manufacturer’s PlayStation Plus subscription service. According to leaks, this revamped service will offer three different tiers, with the most costly being compared somewhat to Xbox’s Game Pass service.

The latest rumours have claimed that Sony is set to announce Project Spartacus this week. It seems that is not all that Sony has up its sleeve however. According to industry insider Greg Miller, PlayStation is prepping multiple announcements, saying:

“looking like it might be a VERY interesting week for PlayStation if even one of the three rumors I’ve heard is true.”

These announcements – whatever they are – seem to be taking place on Wednesday the 30th of March, meaning that we are mere days away. As mentioned, currently, the only solid leak pertaining to PlayStation surrounds the all-but-confirmed PS Plus revamp. What these other two announcements could be is unknown.

PlayStation has had a bad string of publicity in recent weeks, with Gran Turismo 7 launching to great controversy, and many of Sony’s other 2022 first-party titles being largely overlooked. Hopefully whatever PlayStation has planned is big. We will have to wait and see.

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