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Naruto and the gang are officially dropping into Fortnite

For months there have been rumours suggesting that Naruto was going to join the ever-expanding list of characters being added into Fortnite. This has now officially been confirmed, with not only Naruto, but Sasuke, Kakashi and Sakura all joining in too.

Back in March, Epic Games sent out a survey asking for fans’ opinion on a number of potential crossovers. One of these crossovers would see Naruto joining in on the battle royale game.

Later in May, during the Apple v Epic Games lawsuit, court documents revealed that Epic Games had over a dozen different crossovers planned. One of these was with Naruto, further cementing the idea that the ninja from the village hidden in the leaves would be coming to the game.

Though not official, Donald Mustard, the CCO at Epic Games, confirmed to HYPEX back in September that Naruto would be coming to Fornite as part of Season 8. This has ultimately proven to be true, as Epic Games has now officially announced that Naruto is indeed coming to Fortnite.

Dropping on the 16th of November, this collaboration will see all of Team 7 from Naruto come to Fortnite: Naruto; Sasuke; Sakura; and Kakashi.

As reported by HYPEX, some of the cosmetics being added alongside the characters includes a ninja scroll; a giant demon wind shuriken; Pakkun the dog, and some kunai knives.

While it will be odd seeing Naruto characters brandishing automatic firearms, Fortnite’s method of crossovers do require a certain amount of suspension of disbelief. With that in mind, it is exciting to see one of the most popular anime franchises of all time being represented in Fortnite.

KitGuru says: What do you think of this crossover? What has been your favourite collaboration? Which anime franchise do you want to see added next? Let us know down below.

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