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Persona 6 might be a PS5 exclusive

The Persona franchise has had a long and storied history with PlayStation, aligning and associating themselves with the console manufacturer when it comes to major mainline releases. Such was the case with Persona 5 (although it did release across two generations of systems). This will reportedly not be the case with the currently-in-development Persona 6 – which may in fact be exclusive to PlayStation 5.

Industry insider Nate the Hate recently gave fans an insight into the next few years of gaming and what they can expect both from already-announced and yet-to-be-announced games. Just some of the leaked details include the fact that the well received Final Fantasy pixel remasters will finally be coming to the Nintendo Switch after being locked away behind mobile devices since launch.

Another leak claimed that Persona 4 Golden – following its successful PC port in 2020 – will now be coming to both the Nintendo switch and PlayStation sometime in 2022. While the release of Persona 4 Golden to more systems is undoubtedly exciting for the franchise, many eager fans want to know what they can expect from the future of Persona.

Fortunately Nate the Hate was privy to information regarding Persona 6’s development, and according to the insider Persona 6 will be released exclusively for PlayStation 5. Furthermore, news on Persona 6, including an official announcement and reveal, should come within 2022 as part of Persona’s 25th anniversary celebration.

With Persona 5 releasing on both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 (with very minor differences between the two versions), it was clear that the game was designed and conceptualised with PlayStation 3 hardware in mind. With that, it would not have been surprising for Persona 6 to be developed with PS4 hardware in mind and and as such it is therefore interesting to see that the game may in fact be wholly created for the current gen hardware.

This is doubly curious when considering the fact that PlayStation 5s are still so hard to find (to the extent where Sony are instead making more PS4s) and so making Persona 6 a PS5 exclusive could hinder its sales potential. Perhaps Sony is betting on the hardware shortages being resolved by the time Persona 6 releases – whenever that may be.

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