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Microsoft already working on Windows 10.1 ‘Redstone’

Even though Microsoft Corp.’s Windows 10 operating system is still months away, the software giant is already working on and updated version of the operating system code-named “Redstone”. The improved OS is expected to emerge in 2016 and will be aimed to strengthen Microsoft Windows ecosystem in general.

Microsoft plans to roll out two major updates for its Windows 10 operating system next year: one in summer and one in fall, according to a report from The Verge. The whole package of 2016 updates to Windows 10 is code-named “Redstone” and is reportedly designed primarily for new hardware and devices that run Windows, hence, the updates will be targeted at the Xbox, Surface Hub, smartphones, HoloLens, Microsoft Band, Office, and other products that rely on the core of Windows.


At present it is unknown what exactly Microsoft wants to bring to the market with its Windows 10.1 “Redstone”, but keeping in mind that the software giant wants its next-gen OS to run on billions of devices, it is likely that the company is working to improve cross-device experience.

Relatively frequent major updates for its operating systems are common for Microsoft these days as the company wants to make Windows the most comfortable OS to use. Still, if the “Redstone” is designed primarily for new devices, usage of traditional PCs and tablets will see a limited amount of changes.

Microsoft did not comment on the news-story.

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KitGuru Says: It will be interesting to know why Microsoft needs an update to add better support for new devices in Windows 10. Perhaps, initially Windows 10 will only land on a limited set of devices and “Redstone” will expand the whole eco-system by supporting new hardware. Alternatively, “Redstone” could enable better interaction of different Windows-powered products between themselves.

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