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Microsoft Windows 9 could cost $30 to owners of Windows 7 – rumour

Microsoft Corp. is expected to provide free Windows 9 upgrade to those who use Windows 8.1 today. Moreover, the company will reportedly offer Windows 9 with a huge discount to owners of Windows 7, the most popular version of Windows today.

In a bid to make Windows 9 more popular among end-users Microsoft will sell it to owners of Windows 7 for sub-$30, reports Wzor, a well-known source of Microsoft-related information. It is expected that the software developer will offer ESD distributives of Windows 9 in its store. The move makes a great sense since Windows 7 is more popular than Windows 8 among end-users and therefore Microsoft could sell a lot of Windows 9 licenses to people who still use the outdated OS.


Keeping in mind that Windows 9 is expected to be friendlier to users of desktop and laptop personal computers than Windows 8/8.1, it is logical to offer it to those, who still prefer Windows 7.

Microsoft is expected to formally announce Windows 9 “Threshold” on the 30th of September. The new OS is expected to be released commercially in the first half of 2015.

Microsoft did not comment on the news-story.

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KitGuru Says: If Microsoft proceeds with the plan to offer Windows 9 with huge discount to owners of Windows 7, this will mark the first time when the software giant will provide a discount to users of its outdated operating system that is more than five years old. Perhaps, the company will even reconsider its pricing policy in general with its next Windows.

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