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Windows 11 upgrade will come to Windows 10 users in 2022

Last week, when Microsoft announced it would be launching Windows 11 as the successor to Windows 10, the company stated that it would come as a free upgrade to all Windows 10 users. However, the free upgrade won't be rolling out this year when Windows 11 officially launches. 

According to Microsoft, Windows 10 users will only be allowed to upgrade to Windows 11 starting in the first half of 2022, despite the release of the OS being in late 2021.

Based on Microsoft's statement, if you have Windows 10 and want to try Windows 11 the moment it releases, you might be forced to buy it. On the other hand, there's the possibility that someone will find a workaround to force the upgrade.

You may also test Windows 11 before the release if you're part of the Windows Insider program, but the experience might not be the best due to on-going development and test builds. Nonetheless, Windows Insiders will have the chance to test Windows 11 starting from this week until the official release. Once Windows 11 is out, the Beta permissions will be revoked until the upgrade rollout begins.

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KitGuru says: Were you planning to upgrade to Windows 11 later this year? Are you in the Windows Insider program? 

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