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The Windows 10 Anniversary Update is causing problems for some

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update started rolling out this week and unfortunately, it has started causing some major issues for some systems, with users complaining about crashes and system freezes. Some users are reporting system freezes within seconds of booting up, while others are getting ‘Windows is not responding' errors.

As The Inquirer points out, there are several reports floating around the web right now with users complaining about blue screens and freezes around 20 seconds after booting, even with third-party launch applications disabled. Fortunately, some users also claim to have found a way around these bugs too.


It seems that users who had the update install automatically are having the most problems. Apparently, if you download the ISO for Windows 10 Build 1607 (the anniversary update) and install from that, you may be able to avoid the issues.

Obviously, your mileage may vary, while there are some people having issues, there will also be plenty of people who got through the update without a hitch.

KitGuru Says: Back when people first started upgrading to Windows 10 some similar issues popped up. However, doing a fresh install via an ISO seemed to do the trick back then too. Have any of you installed the new Windows 10 update yet? Have you ran into any problems or has it been smooth sailing? 

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