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Windows 10 is now due out this summer

When Microsoft initially announced its new operating system, Windows 10, it gave it a Fall 2015 release window. Since then, significant progress has been made thanks to the open technical preview program and it looks like the upgraded OS will be available over the Summer instead.

Windows 10 will reportedly release in 190 countries this summer. Additionally, those who are using Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 will be getting free upgrades, regardless of whether their copies are genuine or not- at least in China. There isn’t currently a confirmation on other countries getting the same deal for non-genuine copies.


Other upcoming changes to Windows 10 include Cortana, dropping Internet Explorer in favor of a new browser, currently codenamed ‘Project Spartan’ and even allowing peer-to-peer downloads for Windows updates, which should boost download speeds, although there will be obvious security concerns.

We are expecting more news on Windows 10 at a Microsoft conference at the end of April. It is possible that the company will take the opportunity to fully reveal its plan for Windows 10 and its release.

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KitGuru Says: It looks like Windows 10 will be launching a little sooner than we were originally expecting. Are you planning on upgrading to Windows 10? Are you not ready to leave behind your current version of Windows? 

Via: PCMag

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