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Rockstar Social Club accounts may have been compromised

We're receiving reports from some readers that their Rockstar Social Club accounts appear to have been compromised and taken over by nefarious individuals. While we all love to point the finger at user error in such instances, we've also been sent a link to a pastebin posting containing over 200 usernames and passwords, so there could be a security problem at Rockstar's end.

In instances like this, whether it turns out to be true or not it might not be a bad idea to change your password just to be on the safe side – and in any other places where the same login can be used. Certainly a few people have had problems, but it's difficult to ascertain whether the pastebin logins are legitimate, as none of the ones we tried worked, which is perhaps a good sign.


It could of course mean that all of them have had their passwords changed by hackers, but we would hope not.

We've reached out to Rockstar to find out if it knows anything about this and will update this post if we hear back from it.

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KitGuru: Hopefully this is just some kind of hoax, but just in-case, we'd still recommend changing your password. 

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  1. Think McFly Think

    Thanks for the heads up.

  2. why dont these game clients force 2fa… it would making hacking almost impossible, even if you had the password.

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  4. Can confirm this story. Was playing the game happily on launch, when yesterday morning I received an email that the email account that my Rockstar social club account was associated with had been changed. Been in contact with Rockstar support, they seem to think the problem was on my end but seeing as how this is more widespread than just me, it can’t be.

  5. Thanks Kitguru, just changed my password!

  6. Unfortunately, I can vouch for this story to be true. I was a victim of this breach and a CSR said they had several calls already about this exact issue. Might be more widespread than just 200. Sucks cause I can’t play GTA V now and have to wait until their legal department fixes this.

  7. I can’t play GTAV because of the stupid BEX64 error…And I don’t have an integrated GPU so I can’t disable it…can anyone help me?

  8. I think a more likely explanation is that another website got hacked and the same credentials were used to login to Rockstar Social Club accounts.

    Most people do not use unique passwords or passphrases for each website.

  9. If there is a vulnerability and it hasn’t been found, changing the password on Rockstar Social Club may be futile as they’ll be able to grab the new ones too.

  10. install the rockstar social club again, it worked for me: http://patches.rockstargames.com/prod/socialclub/Social%20Club%20v1.1.5.6%20Setup.exe

  11. Hi jeremy, I am also experiencing the same problem as you. I checked my email and someone has updated my rockstar social club account to another email address and now im unable to log into social club. How is rockstar support helping you on this?

  12. To be honest Muhammad, I don’t really know. Going on day four, I still haven’t regained control of my account. If you haven’t already, open a support ticket with them through that email you got. Hunt down their phone number (it differs by country) and call them every so often, it pushes your ticket along. Eventually, they’ll elevate your ticket to some higher level team and then you just have to wait. I got to that point some time two nights ago and now I wait. I have to imagine since this is happening to so many people (reports are cropping up on other techy news sites as well as the GTA V PC Reddit) rockstar will find a way to set things straight.

  13. I spoken with Tim W from rockstar support, this is what he said to me.

    “Hello muhammed raheem,

    We are escalating your issue to the next department. Know that these tickets taken care of in the order that they are received.

    Best Regards,

    Tim W.
    Rockstar Support.”

    Let’s just hope both of us get our accounts back eventually. :/

  14. That’s some good information, the first come first serve part. And ya man, I hope things turn out well for the both of us. Maybe I’ll see you on the other side sometime!

  15. hm you got skype bro? we can keep ourselves updated on this issue, but if you dont feel like adding a stranger, that’s fine too 🙂

  16. This is no rumor, my account was just hacked and stolen this afternoon…I resent having to use their poorly designed DRM in the first place, but at least institute two-factor auth as a requirement. Worse yet, they put you into a monstrous email queue and don’t train their CS group on how to handle account hack restores on the first call. Even the more or less awful Origin service will restore your account over the phone on the same call.

    If my company had this kind of lousy customer service we’d be out of business.

  17. My account got hacked.
    Taken over by this guy
    Bloody fumin’.

  18. I use lastpass generator on every site, still got hacked.

  19. My account got hacked, this is legit as all fuck

  20. My account was hacked as well, god dammit. 2 Factor Authentication would make this issue a hell of a lot better.

  21. My account just got stolen today as well as I was greeted by an email from rockstar saying that my email has been changed! Has anyone had any luck with Rockstar acknowledging this issue.

  22. Were you able to get them to help you at all.

  23. Not at all. If you go onto the Rockstar forums under Social Club you’ll see hundreds of posts of others who got hacked, several of which are still waiting for answers for days. I don’t usually advocate piracy, but how else am I supposed to play a game I paid for??

  24. Hacked as well. Fucking hell, Rockstar.

  25. I got hacked also, they changed my username, email and country from US to Spain, all without needing any consent, sucks!

  26. This is not a hoax. My R* SC account (with GTA5 on it) has been taken over today by changing email first and soon after that, the password as well. The R*SC system is so easy to compromise! Somebody can change your email at will without even need for you to accept the change! :/ I had unique and rather complicated password so it looks like an inside job or security breach,,,

  27. Mine was unique and rather strong…


  29. My account has been hijacked as well.

  30. anyone hacked get their account restored yet?

  31. not me 🙁 it’s like they dont even care

  32. Got my account back! Email me at [email protected] and I’ll give you my skype name

  33. I just had an email saying my password had been changed, but thankfully I was able to reset the password again and still get back into my account, they hadn’t yet changed the email, just the language to Russian.