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British companies to face big fines if data breaches occur


Despite being inclined to have firms collect endless amounts of data on their customers, the British government does at least want them to protect it. Accepting a new EU law, known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), means that when introduced in 2018, British firms will be mandated to …

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Mega confirms breach, but claims user data still safe


The Mega file locker has admitted that some of its corporate data, specifically relating to its blog and help-centre system was stolen by hackers. However, it categorically denies claims that its main file locker system has been compromised, and promises users that their data is safe and secure. When initially …

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Utorrent’s forums were hacked, change your passwords

The forum for the world's most popular torrent client, Utorrent, has been hacked, leading to the possiblity of the 388,000 registered members' passwords being revealed. The administrators have released this notice as a warning that passwords have been compromised and should be changed, especially if they are re-used anywhere else. HaveIBeenPwnd is …

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Update: TeamViewer comments on hacking claims

Update: TeamViewer responded to our requests for comment with the following: “TeamViewer is appalled by any criminal activity; however, the source of the problem, according to our research, is careless use, not a potential security breach on TeamViewer’s side,” it said in a statement. It also clarified that TeamViewer has …

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Spotify user data shows up online but was apparently not hacked

This week, a Pastebin post containing hundreds of Spotify account credentials popped up online, leading many to believe that the music streaming service had fallen victim to some kind of hack. Information released included usernames, passwords, emails amongst other details but no payment information was leaked. However, it seems that …

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Apple receives further court support from Lavabit

Once upon-a-time encrypted email service, Lavabit, has thrown its lot in to support Apple in its ongoing legal dispute with the FBI and American government over weakening iPhone security. Although not called on by the court to do so, it submitted an amicus brief, explaining just why it believes the authorities should …

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BAE Systems hired by TalkTalk for hack investigation

Following the hack of its website and theft of its customer data last week that may have affected as many as four million people, Talk Talk has hired on defence contractor BAE Systems to investigate how exactly those responsible were able to infiltrate TalkTalk's systems. It will also be making …

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TalkTalk website hit with major data breach, receives ransom note

Telecoms operator TalkTalk has been hit by what has been described by police as a “significant”, attack on its website, resulting in the potential leaking of banking and personal data for some or all of the company's four million customers around the UK. While police and online-crime divisions are investigating the …

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Rockstar Social Club accounts may have been compromised

We're receiving reports from some readers that their Rockstar Social Club accounts appear to have been compromised and taken over by nefarious individuals. While we all love to point the finger at user error in such instances, we've also been sent a link to a pastebin posting containing over 200 …

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Secure storage gravitates to Swiss data banks

Since the Middle Ages, Swiss Banks have had a reputation for keeping your most valuable assets safe. The country also has a ton of secrecy laws enshrined into its national identity. Cue the 21st Century. KitGuru gets Bourne again. The Cypriot government decided to snatch money directly from bank customer's …

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