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RHA MA750 Wireless In-Ear Monitor Review

To test the MA750 Wireless, I used the device for almost a month – listening to music, watching videos and playing games on my phone.

Build quality and comfort

Starting off with overall build quality, the MA750 Wireless is undoubtedly the most well-built set of in-ear headphones I’ve ever used. The copious amount of stainless steel used throughout the build creates a premium feel to the device, and it also helps the MA750 Wireless look really good as well.

The silicon neckband is also quite light and is very flexible, and I have absolutely zero concerns about overall build quality.

In terms of comfort, I found the pre-attached ear tips gave me the best seal and caused me no discomfort at all while in my ears. The ear hooks worked very well too, though I would occasionally snag my glasses if I took an earpiece out – though this obviously won’t effect everybody.

My biggest – and probably sole – issue with the overall design is to do with the in-line remote. I appreciate having one, however plating it with stainless steel adds a bit of weight to it, and I found that caused the short wire to be weighed down a bit too much. So, depending on how I was sitting or moving, the right earpiece would occasionally get dragged down a little as a result.

It’s not really a major issue, but I think overall ease of use would be improved with a lighter in-line remote. Alternatively, the volume buttons could even be moved to the left-hand protrusion on the neckband in a similar style to the Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear Wireless.


As with most in-ears, the sound of the MA750 Wireless does depend on the fit you get with the ear buds. I was fortunate and got a perfect fit out of the box, though RHA does include nine pairs of tips for you to try if the pre-attached pair doesn’t do the business. I did nearly all of my listening with those default silicon tips.

With that out of the way, the overall sound of the MA750 Wireless is likely to prove divisive. In short, I would describe it as quite a lean, overall slightly bright IEM which has more of a focus on detail retrieval than it does on making the bass really boom.

That’s not to say there isn’t any bass, it just isn’t the overriding focus of the MA750 Wireless. In fact, for me the bass is just about perfect – it is present enough to prevent music sounding tinny, but it is far from overbearing and compliments the mid-range rather than overpowering it.

The mid-range is definitely my favourite aspect of the MA750 Wireless, as it is quite smooth and silky. It’s not overly powerful, but it gives vocals and guitars in particular an accurate and true-to-life feel. Because of that, I actually quite enjoyed using the MA750 Wireless while listening to Audible – Stephen Fry’s reading of the Sherlock Holmes novels is my current audio book(s) of choice.

Moving up to the high-end, this is perhaps the one area that I’m not too keen on. There is a definite brightness about the MA750 Wireless, and while I usually quite enjoy that, I found this in-ear to be slightly ‘peaky’ and sharp. This is only to a certain extent, and it very much depends what you are listening to. Playing some of my favourite metal tracks, for instance, is not a fun experience as the clash of cymbals quickly gets fatiguing. Listening to something more mellow – ‘Fiji Water’ by Owl City, for instance – sounds great as there isn’t so much emphasis on the treble.

As such, for me, the key question is – what will you listen to? Audio books, acoustic tracks and anything without a whole lot of treble emphasis is going to sound excellent – clear, detailed and pleasing on the ears. Rock, perhaps some hip-hop and EDM may well cause ear fatigue.

Mic and battery

The MA750 Wireless also sports an integrated mic, which makes it very useful for taking calls when you’re on the go. You can use the in-line remote to answer calls, too, so there’s no need to even take your phone out of your pocket.

On the whole, mic quality is decent. It doesn’t really sound any better than a high-quality phone mic, and there is perhaps a hint of additional compression, but my voice comes across clear and strong, so it is definitely a good inclusion.

Lastly, battery life. RHA reckons the MA750 Wireless is capable of 12 hours of battery life, and I would say it’s certainly close. In my experience, with volume held at 60%, between 10-11 hours is to be expected, and it doesn’t take long for the device to recharge, either. All-in-all, it’s a very respectable battery for a pair of wireless earphones.

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