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Pixel 3 XL leaks show Google’s new notch and possible wireless charging

A prototype of Google’s Pixel 3 XL has made its way into the wild, corroborating many of the rumours we’ve heard so far. It also looks like the firm has an accessory in the works called the Pixel Stand hinting at Google’s return to wireless charging.

The latest look at the alleged Pixel 2 XL comes from dr.guru, no affiliation here, of XDA-Developer forums, who claims to have gotten a first-hand look at what Google has to offer. While the company has remotely disabled the device’s ability to boot, its appearance confirms previous leaks that Google plans to join the trend of the notch. This houses dual front-facing cameras as well as one of two speakers, with the second placed in the handset’s thicker chin.

The EVT 1.0 model (Engineering Validation Test) drops the two-tone rear panel for an all-glass solid colour. This is the Clearly White version, expected to be one of the few variants offered by both Pixel 3 handsets later this year. As suggested by rumours, Google’s supposed prototype still runs with a fingerprint sensor and single rear camera, going against the grain of rival high-end smartphones that now sport two or more. Internally, the test model carries 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage, presumably as Google plans to continue pushing its cloud services.


Elsewhere, 9to5Google spotted word of a new accompanying accessory to the new Pixel 2 devices within Google’s latest version 8.14 update. “Your Assistant can use your personal info to make suggestions, answer questions, and take actions for you when your phone is locked and on your Pixel Stand,” reads the patch notes.

This has prompted rumours of Google’s return to wireless charging, which was dropped after 2016’s Nexus 6 in favour of a slimmer profile and move to USB Type-C fast charging. This holds water given reports of Google switching to an all-glass design to better fit wireless charging technology, however with neither charging or batteries being mentioned in the leaks it could just as easily be Google’s version of the Samsung DeX smartphone dock, allowing Pixel 3 devices to act as miniature PCs.

KitGuru Says: Even though it looks like Google might be falling behind given its lack of rear-facing cameras, it does often refine things quite well provided it handles technology in-house. Are you looking forward to the Pixel 3 range?

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