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Chief exec of Sony confirms interest in Windows Phone

Sony Corp. is going to cease using Microsoft Corp.’s Windows operating system as a result of its planned exit from the personal computer business later this year. But as the company intends to continue with making smartphones and tablets, it will consider other OSes from Microsoft, according to the chief executive officer of the Japanese conglomerate.

At present Sony exclusively uses Google Android operating system for its smartphones and tablets. However, earlier this year a rumour surfaced that Sony was considering to release a Windows Phone 8-based handset in order to boost market share by addressing new customers. As it appears, Sony is indeed considering mobile operating systems from Microsoft.

“Windows products will go to the new company,” said Kazuo Hirai, chief executive of Sony, during a press conference, reports Cnet News. “In the mobile arena, we decided that it is essential now to concentrate on smartphones and tablets. Microsoft has various OSes, including mobile. So, as Sony, we will consider new product development going forward.”


CEOs usually do not hint on upcoming products unless they are in development and are on-track to be launched in the foreseeable future. Therefore, it is more than likely that Sony is working on a smartphone and/or on a media tablet powered by Windows Phone or Windows RT, respectively.

It is noteworthy that neither of Microsoft’s mobile operating systems has become popular on the market. The reasons behind Sony’s decision to use them are completely unclear. Still, keeping in mind how stylish and well-made Sony Xperia smartphones are, they should be rather competitive on the market of Windows Phone-powered handsets.

KitGuru Says: What is the point of releasing a Windows Phone 8-based smartphone, but not offering Windows-powered PC and Windows-based media tablets? It is obvious that Vaio PCs will be sold by a new company starting this summer. But, perhaps, Sony is working on a lineup of mobile Windows devices, i.e., a smartphone and a tablet featuring Microsoft’s platforms?

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