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TAG Heuer’s smartwatch to feature Intel chip inside – report

TAG Heuer, a leading Swiss watchmaker, plans to announce its first smartwatch as early as next month and intends to use an Intel system-on-chip inside the device, according to a media report. The fact that the manufacturer of fine timepieces decided to integrate an Intel processor into its first smart chronometer points to rather rich capabilities the device will feature.

Business Insider reports that the smartwatch by TAG Heuer will be introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show in early January, 2015, but will go on sale sometimes later in the first quarter. TAG Heuer's watch will look similar to a regular wristwatch, unlike most smartwatches today that come with touch screens and look more like gadgets than timepieces, the report claims.

It is highly likely that the TAG Heuer smartwatch will be based on Intel Quark processor (sports one Pentium [P54C] core, an LPDDR2 memory controller and a host of I/O capabilities), which packs rather serious compute capabilities despite small size and minimal power consumption. At present it is unclear which sensors the smartwatch will feature and what kind of software it will use. Intel co-develops open-source Tizen operating system that can be tailored for wearable devices. However, TAG Heuer might prefer Google Android Wear software.


Smart devices is not something completely new for TAG Heuer. The company already sells luxury smartphones based on Google Android operating system, the smartwatch is going to complement the handsets. TAG is an abbreviation of Techniques d'Avant Garde, which emphasizes the brand’s striving for innovation. In fact, TAG Heuer will be the first Swiss watchmaker to introduce a smart-watch.

Earlier this year Jean-Claude Biver, the head of watch brands at LVMH, the owner of TAG Heuer, confirmed plans to release TAG Heuer-branded smartwatch in 2015.

Intel and TAG Heuer did not comment on the news-story.

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KitGuru Says: Looks like the race for the market of fine smart timepieces is about to begin. Apple’s Watch Edition is expected to target the same market segment as TAG Heuer’s upcoming smartwatch. It will be very interesting to see which devices will get more popular among the target audience.

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