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TAG Heuer’s Swiss smartwatch to cost $1400/£900

LVMH, is a French multinational luxury goods conglomerate, has announced pricing of TAG Heuer’s upcoming smartwatch, which it is developing in collaboration with Intel and Google. The first smart timepiece from a Swiss watchmaker will surprisingly not be too expensive because the product is primarily aimed at younger audience. TAG Heuer’s smartwatch will …

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Intel, Google and TAG Heuer to develop Swiss smartwatch

Intel Corp., Google and TAG Heuer on Thursday announced a partnership to launch a Swiss smartwatch that will use an Intel system-on-chip and will run Google’s Android Wear operating system. The watch will combine Intel’s expertise in hardware, Google’s software platform and TAG Heuer’s expertise in luxury watchmaking, fine materials …

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Intel’s Curie, the tiny SoC that can

Intel Curie

Intel's announced it's new SoC (system-on-chip) for wearable devices today at CES. Scheduled for release in the second half of 2015 this tiny all in one system will be able to fit just about anywhere, with it being around the same size as your thumbnail. Intel have also revealed plans with several …

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TAG Heuer mulls smartwatch-related acquisitions and partnerships

TAG Heuer, a leading timepiece brand, understands all the potential challenges that emerging smartwatches bring to it. As a result, the company is serious about not only releasing their own smartwatches, but competing against consumer electronics companies head to head. While this means serious approach that will lead to a …

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Intel changes Quark roadmap, preps fully-integrated Quark SoC in 2016

Intel Corp.’s Quark system-on-chips for extreme-ultra-low-power devices provide basic compute capabilities for smart appliances, simple robots and even wearable gadgets, but there are a number of reasons that prevent them from becoming popular. Among the key points of Intel’s concerns about the Quark family is low-performance, limited amount of I/O …

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AMD: wearable devices today are mostly a fad

While Intel Corp. is clearly interested in making chips for wearable computing devices as well as smart home appliances, Advanced Micro Devices plans to take a wait-and-see approach. The company believes that while wearables will have a lot of practical applications going forward, developing chips for them today is too …

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Intel completes acquisition of wearable computing devices maker

Intel Corp. this week announced that it had finalised acquisition of Basis Science, a maker of wearable computing devices. The acquisition accelerates Intel's wearable products focus. It also brings access to new technology, and further expands the leadership team with new people who have a proven track record of innovation …

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Intel reveals Quark-based Edison PC in SD form-factor

At the Consumer Electronics Show the world’s largest maker of microprocessors – Intel Corp. – demonstrated what looks to be the world’s smallest personal computer based on an x86 microprocessor. Intel Edison is a new Quark-based computer with built-in wireless connectivity housed in a Secure Digital card form-factor. Intel Edison …

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Intel to show wearable computing devices at CES

Intel Corp. plans to demonstrate all-new wearable computing devices it designed in-house at the forthcoming Consumer Electronics Show that begins next-week. The chip giant will also introduce a new version of Quark chip aimed at various types of electronics that need to be small and have very low power consumption. …

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