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Apple cuts price of Apple TV to £59/$69

In an unexpected move, Apple on Monday reduced the price of its Apple TV set-top-box to £59/$69. It is expected that lower price will help Apple to sell more of its STBs and eventually boost sales of video content via iTunes.

For well over a year Apple is rumoured to introduce an improved version of its Apple TV set-top-box with higher performance and advanced capabilities. However, the company continues to sell its third-generation Apple TV STB, which was introduced in early 2012 and which is rather outdated by today’s standards. Apparently, instead of launching an improved version, Apple decided to cut-down the price of the current unit to £59/$69 from £99/$99 previously.

Apple’s third-generation set-top-box is based on the company’s dual-core A5 processor used in iPhone 4S and iPad 2. The STB allows users to watch iTunes content on big screen as well as stream video games from iPad to TV. Special apps enable access to content from companies like Netflix.


To date Apple has sold over 25 million Apple TV set-to-boxes, which is not a lot, considering the fact that the company has been selling STBs since early 2007.

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KitGuru Says: Apple has been negotiating with various partners to bring additional content to its TV platform, but so far with little success. Perhaps, inability to get more continent prevents the company from introducing fourth-generation STB and its highly-anticipated TV-set.

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