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Apple announces the new Apple TV

Apple's September event is still on-going, with the company ushering out announcement after announcement. Next up on the block is the long-rumoured Apple TV, which has finally received its first revamp in years, with a new remote, voice support, better app support and even the addition of Siri. The new …

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The Apple TV may be getting a price bump

Apple hasn't updated its Apple TV set top box for quite some time now. As a result, the price is fairly low, coming in at $99 for a brand new model. We have been hearing about the new Apple TV for some time now and aside from the updated internals, …

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Apple cuts price of Apple TV to £59/$69

In an unexpected move, Apple on Monday reduced the price of its Apple TV set-top-box to £59/$69. It is expected that lower price will help Apple to sell more of its STBs and eventually boost sales of video content via iTunes. For well over a year Apple is rumoured to …

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Alibaba sinks $10 million into OUYA Android console


The OUYA console started its life as one of Kickstarters most successful projects back in 2012, raising over $8.6 million from backers and blazing past its $950,000 goal in less than a 8 hours. Since then the $99 Android console has been though a few ups and downs, it has been …

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NZXT to launch DOKO PC streaming box

NZXT is now targeting PC gaming in the living room thanks to its new PC game streaming box, the DOKO. The micro-console was announced today and will stream desktop titles to your TV at full 1080p resolution for $99. The box isn't only intended for gamers though, it is capable …

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Amazon is making a set top box too

If you thought Valve would be the last company to crowd into the already cramped set-top-box industry, think again, as online retail giant Amazon is also looking to get into the game, with plans for its own media device pushing for a release sometime before Christmas. Currently it's codenamed Cinammon, …

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Intel may show off set top box at CES

Intel Inside

While it still remains a rumour mere days before the annual electronics show begins, Intel could be set to debut a new type of set top box at CES, that would allow for what is being described as, “virtual cable TV.” The idea behind it is that it would offer streaming …

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