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Apple defends iPhone 6 Plus: our phones are beautiful and sturdy

Despite of numerous reports claiming that Apple iPhone 6 Plus could be bent, the company believes that the issue is hugely exaggerated. According to Apple, only nine customers have complained about bending of the 5.5” smartphones. The company claims that its phones undergo rigorous testing and can withstand reasonable stresses.

“Our iPhones are designed, engineered and manufactured to be both beautiful and sturdy,” a statement by Apple, which was published by Cnet News, reads.

Earlier this week it was reported that Apple iPhone 6 Plus with a 5.5” display could bent and damaged when they are stored in tight clothes. Numerous video reports demonstrated that the smartphones indeed could be damaged when bent.

Apple defended its design and said that the newhandsets are made of high-quality materials, including aluminum alloy, stainless steel, titanium, very strong cover glass and so on.

“iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus feature a precision engineered unibody enclosure constructed from machining a custom grade of 6000 series anodized aluminum, which is tempered for extra strength,” the statement says. “They also feature stainless steel and titanium inserts to reinforce high stress locations and use the strongest glass in the smartphone industry. We chose these high-quality materials and construction very carefully for their strength and durability.”


Like any other device in mass production, the iPhone 6 Plus has undergone multiple stress tests to ensure that it cannot be damaged easily. According to Apple, both new iPhones meet or even exceed Apple’s high-quality standards for everyday use.

“We also perform rigorous tests throughout the entire development cycle including 3-point bending, pressure point cycling, sit, torsion, and user studies,” Apple said. “iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus meet or exceed all of our high quality standards to endure everyday, real life use.”

So far only nine customers have contacted Apple with a bent iPhone 6 Plus, which confirms that the smartphones could be bent, but which does not mean that this happens frequently.

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KitGuru Says: Apple’s products usually receive the highest possible amount coverage in press. As a result, even minor issues with them are sometimes exaggerated. Since it is unknown how many iPhone 6 Plus smartphones have been sold so far, it is not completely clear how serious the bending issue is. Let’s wait and see!

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  1. Its still unacceptable for a device at that price point to be so fragile, even if the bending doesn’t occur in normal usage, it just shows how poorly designed iPhone 6+ really is., which is, again, ridiculous at that price.

  2. Only 9 customer complained about the bending.

    ONLY. If anyone complains the phone is bending its not made out of good enough materials. The fucking phone is bending for goodness sakes. Im pretty confident my little old Moto Razr i, that i have here wont bend, i have had it for 2 years…….

  3. they should really quit making their crappy phones….why cant they admit they suck at making them? 😛

  4. Several videos would prove you wrong crapple.

    People are bending these phones out with their bare fucking hands. How crap a phone must it be that you can bend it with your hands? I’ve had tougher pens than an iphone 6.

  5. I’d put extra pressure on “designed, engineered and manufactured.” companies NEVER say our products ARE sturdy. 0 companies I have seen actually back up their products and say that they are good, it’s always “oh it’s supposed to be good, made to be good, thought to be good, etc.”

  6. If one phone bends then they will all bend. They’re all made the same. They need to accept that their design is flawed and compensate customers that have a bent phone. Simple as that. If they don’t then this is just going to get worse and their customer base will plummet.

  7. Issue is though, when compared to Apples main rivals, it’s really obvious who’s got the better construction.
    I wouldn’t say iPhones are bad, I don’t like them at all, but they’re pretty good phones by and large.
    But being able to bend it with your hands and being bent in your pockets is pretty shoddy.
    People who ride motorbikes wont be able to use them as your pockets get pulled tight when you’re sat on a bike.

  8. Apple should respond by making a bendable (flexible) phone next year 🙂 Too bad for this one, that really sucks. I’m still gonna buy one though, and i’m even thinking of putting it in my pocket! (that’s why you have insurances, plus Apple seems the kind to admit it’s faults and care for customer satisfaction). They just have something others can’t see and thus can’t understand… sad :(. Every one is focused on the most, the biggest, the shiniest, while they are just trying to make the best (go on, insult me as much as you like). But again, bendable beyond repair isn’t a feature I want my phone to have.

  9. basicly all they’ve with the iPhone 6 is take the iPhone 5s, put it under a heavy weight and then stretch it…

  10. Hmm, 9 customers complaining isn’t really relevant. I expect that the majority have attempted to return them to the shop. If they gave some stats on how many complaints plus how many extra returns or attempted returns to the shop then that would give more of an idea of how widespread the problem is.

  11. Apple are trying to make the thing that will attract people the most. They don’t care how good it is, that’s not the point, they are simply trying to make the most attractive product. If you want the most attractive product then this is the phone for you – but if you want the ‘best’ then that’s definitely not what you’ll get. Factually, the phone has moderate specs compared to other industry leaders, and the price is far too high for the market segment.

  12. I remember the original flip Razrs. Best phone I ever had – I don’t think I’ve ever felt so badass since. I love my Moto G but the Razr… god damn that was an awesome phone.

  13. Experimental proof – I can’t bend my pen, which is also made out of aluminium… It cost me about £20, and the R&D group for Parker clearly did their job better than Apple!