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Apple iPhone 6 Photo Exclusive to KitGuru.net

As many of you will know, on 12th July 2012, KitGuru was able to bring you the world’s first photos of the original Apple iPhone 5. We came under immense pressure and within 24 hours the images were gone. Now it’s July 2014 and, two years on, we’re feeling Six-y.

How anyone gets a camera in and out of a major organisation like Foxconn is a miracle.

The same is probably true for Apple HQ (although we have never tried!)

If an opportunity were to present itself, you would have to be SO FAST it’s unreal.

Apologies in advance for the image quality – but this is not the kind of shot that Tim Cook will set up for us with perfect studio lighting…

Remember, we’re not talking swanky renderings (3rd party or Apple original). We’re talking about a shot of the actual product.

If our man gets a chance to access one with juice inside, we’ll be sure to let you know!

In the meantime, ladies and gentlemen, we present the Apple iPhone 6…


KitGuru says: If you’re an apple fan, then THIS is exactly the king of moment you’ve been waiting for. We’re presently trying to confirm roadmap details from a slide that’s in Chinese. We will post more details as soon as we can.

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  • Voreo Sabrae

    It looks exactly like the past phones.
    Such Design. Much Apple. Very Same.


  • supermonkeyfart

    No the corners are a bit more curvy i think

  • Ryan Slade

    Oh wow!!!!!!!!!! Curved edges!!!!!!!! Totally differnt that!

  • Stranger

    Ugliest design ever

  • Copying Samsung with curved edges?! LAWSUIT

  • Number of fucks given about anything Apple does: 0

  • Alistair Hardy

    Honestly, if someone didn’t tell me that was an iPhone, my first reponse would be a Samsung.
    Ironic really…

  • staticfx

    its really to the point now that eh overall desing of every cell phone will be pretty much the same… maybe a curve here or a straight edge there. So who really cares what it looks like (unless it has some horribly ugly back plate) As long as its FINALLY BIGGER. if not.. im going to Windows phone.

  • Danny

    I don’t know why, but I really don’t like the new volume buttons. That’s really nit-picky, but I’ve grown so used to the circular ones since the iPhone 4, not sure if it’s just me on that one.

  • Chorda Lucis

    Exactly my thoughts. I have 5S and although it is a great phone, can’t help but to want a bigger screen. I can’t stand Android though (had several phones, after a month of usage they slow down so much I need to reset to factory), My only option was a Windows phone, which I hear I quite good. We shall see 🙂

  • Michael

    I suggest at least one fuck was given since you felt compelled to even bother typing that. 🙂

  • Michael

    Build quality looks pretty nasty around the volume buttons. I find it hard to imagine Apple dropping the ball with build quality and cheap looking design. If this is for real… :thumbs down:

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  • Zentacus

    Actually iphone 1 had curved edges..

  • sepplhut

    What we really need is smartphones with batteries that last longer than ~1 day.

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  • staticfx

    lol no shit. Saw some report that “claims” apple has new tech that will make the ipad last a week. pfft… doubt it

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  • No fucks are required to inform the world of your lack of available fucks. It’s simply a status report 😛

  • Michael

    Again, I feel drawn towards questioning the lack of total fuck quantity allocated. Surely at the very least a small fraction of a fuck was given in order to have clicked upon the headline, thus leading to posting. Though my scale of fucks may well be a different format used to your own, I have little doubt there are fucks involved… somewhere. I think there needs to be a universal fuck scale developed, if nothing else it would avoid future misunderstandings in such matters. Maybe a system of upgrading or subtracting amounts of fucks, depending on how we feel about certain things. Subtraction of fucks would then give us a surplus which could be distributed according to our own logic. I do believe we could revolutionise the ways of interacting webside. Lol 🙂

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  • Yusuf Çayır


  • I think this is definitely a future endeavor that needs addressing in the near future… by someone with enough fucks in surplus to study and design the scale.

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  • Cody Williams

    aren’t all phones that way?

  • Cody Williams

    and yet, here you are… reading about something you don’t give a fuck about. Not sure why, but if i don’t give a fuck about something, I don’t even click on it. Curious, why did click on it?

  • Ziemniak

    Only an idiot would completely re-design a top selling phone.

  • Unseen Aura

    Exactly what you said: ‘curious’. It is curiosity, and in my personal opinion, the need to be aware of what is out there, even if no fucks are given. I hate all apple products, but I still keep up to date with what they are doing. One thing I refuse to use however, are their pc/laptops. hate them beyond any of their other gadgets. As for their design, some more obvious change is good. These days, all you really see are rectangular phone, unlike back in the day when they had some spark to it. I loved the blackberries all the way till they removed their keypad. The reason phones are appealing (or at least should be) is for their unique UI, design, and feel. I never liked all touch, and never will.

  • Remember, we’re not talking swanky renderings (3rd party or Apple original). We’re talking about a shot of the actual product.