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iPhone the number one choice for new buyers

A report published by ChangeWave Research shows that the iPhone is the top choice among people who are looking to buy a new smartphone.

While the poll is limited to people in North America, over 4,163 people were asked which phone they would opt for, if they were buying one new. iOS came out top, which will please Apple.

Android was the second choice, with 32 percent saying they would pick up a new Google oriented phone. This trails 14 percent behind iOS, which scored 46 percent in total.

Other companies didn’t even get a look in, with Blackberry devices getting an extremely low result of only 4 percent. This has dropped a single percent since March and is ChangeWave’s lowest ever figure for Research In Motion.

In another report ChangeWave highlight that Apple have the best customer satisfaction, with 70 percent claiming they are very happy with their product. Android shows 50 percent, which is still a strong figure.

Kitguru says: With the iPhone 5 around the corner, can Apple continue to lead the charts?

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