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Celebrities and politicians mourn the death of Jobs

The death of Steve Jobs has rocked the technology industry and this weekend several hundred people turned up at a private memorial service for the late Apple visionary.

The service was held in Memorial Church in the Stanford University Campus. Security was high, as police patrolled the area to ensure the event wasn't disturbed.

Apple CEO Tim Cook appeared at the event with a man who Reuters claim was ‘dressed in the garb of a Buddhist monk.'

Will Apple ever be the same without Steve Jobs?

U2 singer Bono made an appearance and was seen talking to other people before the memorial took place. Bill Clinton, Maria Shriver, Jon Miller and Apple software boss Scott Forstall were also at the event.

The loss of Jobs has made headlines across the globe, as the technology pioneer was seen as one of the leading lights in the industry. Under his leadership he brought Apple from a garage environment, to the most valuable technology company on the planet.

Jobs knew he was dying and stepped down quietly as CEO of Apple a few weeks before his battle with pancreatic cancer took his life.

Kitguru says: Rest In Peace.

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