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Samsung cancels contract to supply Apple with Retinas

Around a year ago, the magic glue holding Samsung and Apple together as technology partners, was called into question time and time again – as both sides were investing million in suits and counter suits. In most normal walks of life, the two would have parted company a long time ago. Now, in the wake of huge settlements, it final seems the virtual cracks are becoming a split reality. KitGuru dons the robes of a marriage guidance councillor to see behind the dark doors.

Apple has made a lot of noise surrounding its ‘Retina Display' capability. Certainly, after spending a week watching an iPad 3 with its 2,048 by 1,536 resolution screen, previous generations of iPad look positively jagged.

Now the agreement to supply these Retina displays has been cancelled by Samsung.

It follows a series of bitter court actions which have resulted in a series of amazing judgements, including:-

  • US Courts confirming that Samsung took ideas from Apple and must pay over $1 Billion in damages
  • UK Courts saying that Apple's accusations are false and that they must now run advertising campaigns to say that Samsung is innocent

With its Apple contracts, Samsung managed to reach a whopping 35% of the world's tablet market last year – whereas LG is in the lead with 46%.

Now we'd imagine that LG's bosses will be rubbing their hands together, while Samsung will be working to push through new tablet designs of their own which will use the space capacity.

Samsung Retina Display products will be with us in bulk, no doubt

KitGuru says: The whole of South Korea's 50 million population will now, surely, be 100% focused on the glory of Samsung and the demise of Apple. Can the drive of the world's 25th biggest country, help overcome the world's number one company? Retina display Samsung tablets will be appearing in stores near you soon.

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