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iPad 5 with iOS7 launches alongside JOBS film at Easter

In a touching bookend to the life of Steve Jobs, Apple is finalising its announcement for the launch of the iPad 5 in March with stock in stores to coincide with the release of the Ashton Kutcher pic ‘jOBS' at Easter. Any jokes regarding the rebirth of our saviour probably wouldn't be appreciated in Cupertino.

The film industry is standing buy to cash in big time on the death of Steve Jobs. At the same time, the Apple 3rd-party accessory manufacturing companies are in turmoil.

Back in September, KitGuru broke the story that Apple was looking at some serious issues regarding box labelling around the time that the Lightning-enabled devices started to launch. Essentially, if a box says ‘Works with iPhone' and it doesn't, then that's a problem. Because Apple likes the idea that there is ‘a thing called an iPad or and iPhone' – and prefers not to dwell too much on the individual numbers (nasty transient little things), there can be a difference between what a label says and what the product does. So, for a while, you could buy an officially-Apple-logo-ed accessory that would NOT work with your iPod/Pad/Phone.

Not good.

So why will the launch of the iPad 5 cause a lot of grief for accessory manufacturers who have stamped their boxes ‘Works with iPad'.

Well, word into KitGuru is that the new iPad 5 will have a 10″ screen.

Which is a ‘Whoop!' moment for customers and an ‘OMG' moment for anyone with a warehouse full of covers etc that will no longer fit.

Thinner, lighter, wider are just 3 of the key selling points to the iPad 5. Here's a breakdown of what you will have that's different:-

No sooner had you worried over whether to leave iOS5 with Google Maps or move across to the ‘better' iOS6 with Apple Maps, than the choice will be taken away. Tim Cook & Co will be erasing past mistakes with a complete new OS.

Updated processor means that you will have a faster, better experience – without losing out on battery life.

While there are some concerns about how much using 4G will cost, any future which contains a much faster/more stable mobile internet is a good thing in our books.

Yet again, Apple will push the envelope. Spurred on my any side-by-side comparison which shows Apple behind Samsung et al, the new device will feature the largest ever iPad Retina Display.

Expect the new ipad 5 to come in at almost exactly the same price points as the iPad 3/4. In the post-Jobs era, Apple will struggle to command a massive premium against Android 5 opposition – so this iPad is really the last one that won't have to be too concerned about being price-competitive.

What's Missing?
At some point in the future, it would be nice to run full versions of the desktop/laptop software on an iPad. With the way that ARM has been pushing forward on the 64-bit front with AMD – we expect this in the near future.

The 10" Apple iPad 5 will launch alongside jOBS - the film of Steve Job's life staring Ashton Kutcher

KitGuru says: We're loving the new Apple iPad 5 and it hasn't even launched yet. How much longer we'll be enamoured with the over-priced, Apple-branded product line up is anyone's guess, but – for now – it looks like another massive sell out for Cook's crew.

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