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AMD graphics will be powering upcoming iMac models

It looks like AMD and Apple are set to partner up for the upcoming 2014 iMac models, including the new 27 Inch version with 5K display. Over the last few years, Apple has primarily used Nvidia GPUs inside of its all in one machines and notebooks but the company reignited its business with AMD just last year with the launch of the Mac Pro, featuring AMD's workstation grade cards.

The new iMacs and MacBooks are expected to be revealed tomorrow evening (the 16th of October), alongside new iPads. The highest end iMac will come with a 5120×2880 display. Lower end all in one models will utilise Intel's Iris Pro integrated graphics, the same goes for the lower end MacBooks.


It is currently unknown exactly why Apple is choosing to move away from Nvidia, we also don't know if Nvidia will continue to make an appearance in the upcoming Macbook Pros, it is possible that AMD GPUs may also be featured in those.

Apple has been making a habit of slapping high resolution displays on most of its products recently and as a result, the upcoming high end Macbook Pros and iMacs will require a discrete GPU in order to make the most of it. The company will continue to stick with Intel for all CPU needs.

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KitGuru Says: AMD supposedly supplying graphics chips for multiple Apple products will be a big win in business terms for the company. It will be interesting to learn exactly why Apple is moving away from Nvidia's solutions and if that will have much impact on the company's financials. 

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  1. Nikolas Karampelas

    why you write that change in GPU like is something new?
    I mean apple have AMD GPUs in the past for imacs and mac pro, it is not like they have nvidia since forever and now for some reason they discovered AMD.

  2. I wonder if Mantle can work on a Mac.

  3. i would like to see the performance at 5K as you need some powerful GPU to handle 4K

  4. How do you fit a GPU/s that are capable of 5k, in such a thin computer?