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Apple having issues with last minute deals for Beats Music

It looks like Apple is having some issues with last minute deals for its Beats Music streaming service. If Apple can't get the last of its crucial deals signed in time, then we might not see the streaming service appear at the World Wide Developer Conference after all.

Sources speaking with Billboard have said that Apple is having trouble negotiating and getting deals signed with major record labels and at this rate, the company is cutting it pretty close if it still hopes to unveil its revamped Beats Music app in June.


While it is not currently known exactly how many labels are delaying Apple's plans, The Verge reports that Universal Music Group has yet to sign a deal with Apple. This is not the first time that Apple has been in this situation though, back in 2013, leading up to the launch of iTunes Radio, the final deals weren't signed until days before its unveiling.

Reports from 9to5Mac suggest that Apple is looking to launch Beats Music at WWDC though, inside of iOS 8, rather than announcing it as a major feature for iOS 9.

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KitGuru Says: Apple will find a way to make these deals work, after all, it does have quite a bit of pull in the music industry, whether the labels are happy about that or not. 

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  1. Well I guess Apple is saying goodbye to good audio quality.

  2. Apple is a bully-some won’t tolerate it……………………