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Over 200,000 people sign petition to stop Apple removing headphone jack

Right now, the rumour going around that Apple has decided to remove the headphone jack from the iPhone 7 is picking up a lot of steam. While nothing has been confirmed, anonymous ‘supply chain' sources have claimed that in an effort to make the iPhone 7 even thinner, the headphone jack will be going away and it turns out that a lot of people don't want that to happen.

At the time of writing, 227,839 people have signed a petition to try and get Apple to change its mind about ditching the headphone jack though it might be too late at this point.


However, despite news that Apple could ditch the headphone jack, we have also heard reports that Apple intends to create Wireless Ear Pods, as well as headphones that connect via the lightning port. Neither option is ideal, as using the lightning port for headphones will stop you from charging the device, while using Wireless Ear Pods will stop you from listening to music in Airplane mode.

Apple hasn't confirmed anything about the iPhone 7 yet and has not spoken out about the petition going around.

KitGuru Says: While I do think it would be a bit silly for Apple to remove the headphone jack, I do have my doubts on whether this petition would make a difference, especially at this point with supply chains gearing up for production. Do you guys think Apple should keep the headphone jack on the iPhone 7? 

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