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Problems continue to prevent launch of Apple’s AirPods


Back when Apple launched the iPhone 7, the company created a unique problem for itself, with the headphone jack now gone, there needed to be new options for those who like to listen to music from their phones. Apple’s solution was a pair of very expensive wireless in-ear headphones and …

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Team Group now makes iPhone screen protectors and cables


Team Group is most well known as a memory manufacturer, but there’s nothing to say you can’t dip your toes into different tech fields now and again. With that in mind, Team Group has announced new, dual-coloured Lightning Cables and a new screen protector for iPhone 7s. Built using Japanese …

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Apple officially reveals iPhone 7 and Apple Watch 2

After months of rumours and leaks, Apple officially announced the iPhone 7 and the next generation Apple Watch. In the iPhone’s case, the headphone jack is in-fact gone and there is a new dual-camera system for the iPhone 7 Plus, doubling up on the camera bump. On the Apple Watch …

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Apple might finally get rid of the 16GB iPhone

These days, most Android flagship handsets launch with 32GB of internal memory as standard. However, Apple has been a little slower to adopt this trend with iOS but that could change this year as current rumours indicate that the iPhone 7 won’t have a 16GB version, instead the base model …

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Newly leaked image of iPhone 7 shows new design

Apple’s iPhone 7 is heading our way this September and while we normally see more of a major redesign with these generational leaps, it looks like the iPhone 7 might not differ from the iPhone 6 too much. According to a newly leaked image, the iPhone 7 will once again …

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iPhone 7 to be rid of camera bump

When the iPhone 6 came around, Apple managed to make the body of the phone so thin that the camera couldn’t sit level with the rest of it, causing what we now know as the camera bump. Now, apparently Apple will be fixing this in the design of this year’s …

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Apple patents design for super thin iPhone speakers

We have been hearing a lot about the iPhone 7 these last few weeks along with Apple’s future plans for audio on its flagship smartphone. Following on from reports that Apple is set to kill off the 3.5mm headphone jack to save space, a patent has been uncovered showing off …

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Apple’s iPhone 7 may ditch the headphone jack

Apple is on a constant mission to make its devices thinner than before. We saw this with the iPhone 6, which has the camera sticking out of the back of the phone slightly and now, Apple is apparently also thinking about ditching the headphone jack in order to make the …

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Apple patent hints at ‘shatterproof’ iPhone screen

It seems that Apple is looking in to fortifying the displays found on its iPhones in order to tackle one of the biggest problems with smartphones- shattering screens. The company recently filed a patent idea that would use retractable bumpers that will automatically pop out when a device begins to …

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Samsung to supply displays for next iPhone and Apple Watch

While rumours are suggesting that Samsung may have lost Apple’s business when it comes to the manufacturing of its A-series SoCs, the company is still interested in its rival’s displays. According to new reports, Samsung is now in talks with Apple to get its displays on to the next iPhone …

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Apparently Intel wants to get its LTE chip in to the iPhone 7

Apple is preparing for next year’s iPhone 7 right now, with rumours suggesting that TSMC may be taking over from Samsung and supplying all of the A10 processors for the device. Now, we are also hearing that Intel is apparently working hard to beat Qualcomm for Apple’s business this year …

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Apple is reinventing the headphone jack

Apple is once again attempting to reinvent connectors for its devices. The company has a long history with proprietary connectors, we have seen the 30-pin dock connector on older iPhones and iPods, we have seen the Lightning connector and now, Apple is trying its hand at reinventing the headphone jack. …

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