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Rumors point towards Apple buying BlackBerry

This week the rumor mill is churning out something a little different. Apparently, Apple might be interested in acquiring BlackBerry in an effort to gain even more traction in the enterprise market. These rumors have sent shares in BlackBerry soaring.

The Canadian phone company has been struggling in the smartphone market for a few years now following the rise and subsequent dominance of Android and iOS. BlackBerry’s market share has been shrinking, although it has seen some moderate success with one or two recent handset releases.


A report from Yahoo Finance suggests that in an effort to increase its grip on the enterprise market, it may be interested in picking up BlackBerry, which retains some relevance among businesses. In addition, the Canadian phone maker owns 44,000 patents, which Apple could then use for its own future devices.

Neither company has commented on these rumors just yet and there are no further details at this time. Other potential buyers include Intel, Google, and Lenovo.

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KitGuru Says: Apple buying BlackBerry would be a pretty big move on the company’s part. Although if Apple did buy BlackBerry, I doubt the company would continue to operate and sell competing phones. 

Via: The Inquirer

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