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Samsung and Apple reportedly sign OLED iPhone deal

Apple and Samsung may be constantly embroiled in lawsuits in the courtroom but the two companies are very capable of actually working together. Samsung has been one of Apple's ‘go to' suppliers for years and it looks like that won't be changing anytime soon as reports coming out this week seem to show that Samsung will soon be responsible for supplying OLED iPhone displays for Apple.

According to a Korean report from ETNews, Samsung is set to supply 60,000 flexible OLED panels per month for Apple. However, Apple is also considering bringing on board a second supplier, with names like LG, Foxconn and Japan Display apparently in the running.


Foxconn could have a good chance as it is currently looking to invest in expand by buying display maker, Sharp, in an effort to compete for more of Apple's business. However, a previous report also suggested that Apple may be tapping LG as one of its suppliers for OLED displays for a future iPhone, in addition to Samsung.

Right now, exactly when Apple plans to make the jump to OLED is up in the air, some reports have indicated 2018 but recently the Japanese news outlet, Nikkei, suggested a 2017 date with the iPhone 7S.

KitGuru Says: Samsung's smartphones have often come with the best displays around thanks to its AMOLED technology. While Apple's future iPhone displays won't be exactly the same, sporting OLED instead, we should still see a decent improvement. 


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